Camden Comedy Crawl

Hello All!

Sorry it’s all been a bit quiet at the Laugh Out London Fortress of Doom this week. We have been busy celebrating the resurrection of the Easter Bunny from the dead by eating more chocolate than the GDAs on the box would recommend. However we are very excited for this weekend as we it’s the first Camden Comedy Crawl. On Saturday and Sunday (30th April – 1st May) more comedy folk than you can shake a stick at will be showing us their wares. This has got us all hot under the collar.

We will be doing partial coverage of the event with interviews from those involved so stand by for some exciting pod-action to come.

There are still a few days to go so why not come too? You might see us there walking around talking into an iphone, why not come say hi! Here are a few of the comedy makers on show…

Rufus Hound, Sean Hughes, Robin Ince, Brendon Burns, Frisky & Mannish, Rich Fulcher, Phil Nichol, Andrew Maxwell, Phil Kay, Humphrey Ker, Isy Suttie, Michael Legg, Tiernan Douieb, Max and Iván Tiffany Stevenson, Pappy’s, The Beta Males, Bethany Black, Bec Hill, James Acaster… Oh screw it! Too many to list, go look at it yourself. I think you will agree it’s not too shabby.

Hope to see you there xx

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