Where we meant to talk to Lewis Schaffer/gig listings

Lewis Schaffer

Lewis Schaffer

Download: Where we meant to talk to Lewis Schaffer/gig listings | 19 mins  11.2MB

The curse of Laugh Out London has struck again, and another vital file has been corrupted! Namely, the one where we actually spoke to the person we wanted to speak to for our podcast. Namely, Lewis Schaffer. Namely, something or someone which has a name.

Disaster! As it was actually quite an interesting (and cold) interview in the streets of Soho where we question if God killed Bill Hicks and why English people like Americans who criticise English people more than Americans who speak fondly of English people. I agreed with one point more than the other.

Anyway, you still get us, ie. me and Jack, talking about other things and unveiling a new feature – a selection of upcoming gigs you should go to.

These include one-line roller-blading laughatron Gary Delaney at both Big Smoke Comedy and The Funny Side on April 20th; the return of the Joke Shop at the Albert and Pearl on April 21st; the Great Big Sketch Off at Pleasance Theatre on April 24th; Simon Munnery bringing back Andy Kaufman’s intergender wrestling; and some BBC thing I can’t be bothered to find.


Download: Where we meant to talk to Lewis Schaffer/gig listings | 19 mins  11.2MB

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  1. God saved me because I said some things that I later regretted saying. I know, rock ‘n’ roll comics don’t have regrets. but I do, and too many to mention. Let’s do it again.

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