The Joke Shop – Albert and Pearl

It’s the birth of Laugh Out London! With Jack De’Ath recently moved to the Big Ass Smoke Joint, as we locals call it, we went out looking for comedy and found some delights at the Albert and Pearl by Highbury and Islington tube.

It was The Joke Shop – held every other Thursday (next one is Thursday March 24th) with the wonderful Liz Hobbs compering.

Such a small face

Such a small face

A host of hilarious faces and bodies came out to say funny things and walk about in funny ways, including Pat Cahill, Jeff Leach and, he of the very small face, Trevor Lock.

We talk about how it was and if we enjoyed it.

We did enjoy it.

You should still listen though.

Download: March_18_-_Albert_and_Pearl.mp3 | 30mins | 17.5MB

If you have trouble with the download, visit our Liberated Syndication page.

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