Is that the Internet?

It is! Fantastic.

We give new meaning to the term LOL! Well, the same meaning, but in London. We’re Tom and Jack and we talk about cheap, good comedy in London. Listen!

First ep coming very soon.

Not this soon.

Wait a bit more.

Laugh Out London

This is us

Follow us on Twitter on @laughoutlondon

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Email laughoutlondon@hotmail.co.uk if you want to get involved

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  1. Oh,this is exciting even though THE FUTURIST! cannot sample London Laugh Venues. Can we have more pics on this blog? What are you guys doing in this introduction picture? Are you both making a sandwich? Performing an autopsy on David Quin? Jack is wearing sunglasses. Is he performing laser surgery as Tom watches? If so, THE FUTURIST! is worried that Tom has not donned eye protection. THE FUTURIST! has asked a few Utter Despair, NJ residents what they think you are doing. The consensus is that your are baiting a hook.

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